HyHealth Hoof Poultice Pack Of 3 - TS8099

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HyHealth Hoof Poultice Pack Of 3 - TS8099

HyHealth Hoof Poultice - Pack of 3

HyHealth Hoof Poultice is a 100% natural, veterinary approved, first aid hoof poultice, that comes as a pack of three.

It's impregnated with the natural poulticing agent tragacanth and boric acid which is a mild, natural antiseptic. Tragacanth becomes active when wet, drawing any dirt and debris from the wound, while helping to maintain a moist, clean environment to support the natural healing of skin and tissue. The antiseptic quality of boric acid keeps the area clean and free from unwanted germs.

This all purpose dressing is designed to fit your horse's hoof, reducing preparation time and can be used to treat wounds, cuts, abscesses and abrasions. It can be applied hot, cold, wet or dry.

> Hoof Poultice - pack of 3
> Shaped dressing
> Use to treat wounds, cuts, abscesses and abrasions
> Apply hot, cold, wet or dry
> 100% naturalny
> Veterinary approved
> Contains boric acid and tragacanth

Kod produktu: TS8099

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